Known issues that I cannot fix until the game jam is over because I am lazy: 

  • Level 9 has a major difficulty spike compared to the rest of the normal levels
  • After playing Vaporiser levels the normal levels take you to the Vaporiser levels upon completing a normal level

A game where you play as an ice cube that will melt over time. (Transition into a puddle)

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys to move, Space or Left Click to jump

You can also use Escape to instantly game over, which you can use to get back to the title screen

There are hidden levels unlocked by beating the main levels, so make sure to  beat those.

Made originally for the Aotearoa Game Jam 2022.

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Tags3D Platformer, Difficult, Godot, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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Very good game!


Nice jaunty tune. Sort of lost as to what I was meant to do at level 4. Do like the ability to change directions mid jump. Imagine a sequel is due, with the pallet being yellow and set in the desert? :) The melt times, would be interesting then.


awesome game! But I don't think I have the skill to finish it haha. I was on the 3rd level and dreading what the difficulty spike would be in level 9 lol. I managed to beat level 7 against all odds, and then 8 miraculously. But I think it will take years of intensive training for me to get past level 9 haha.

ice ice baby!



Loved the classic arcade gameplay, the 2D -> 3D platforming made it challenging but super fun. Speeding up was funny as. Amazing work!


i love this god damn icecube game holy shit. really cute music, cute art. i beat the main levels in about 300 seconds, i’m just starting on the extra ones. so cool the idea of having like, DLC built into a game jam game. i love it. the physics are a little floaty when you get faster and it needs a little cayote time on the jumps but it rules. fuck yes.


Awesome! Am I transitioning into a puddle?